'Do it Better'


What is it about sport that people love so much? Process and physicality, knowing there isn’t an end, just a constant push to better yourself.

Working as part of the creative collective & agency, Regime, I worked as Director of Photography & Colourist for 'Do It Better', an online commercial to promote the Sportswear Design degree at Falmouth University's Fashion & Textiles Institute.

The project required two distinct aesthetics incorporating the lighting, art direction & grade to depict the design process as gritty and fast paced, whilst illustrating the beauty and fluidity of sport through the use of high speed filming.

The production involved a combination of a studio based shoot supported by shots at various locations. As both the DoP & Colourist for the project I was able to construct my own workflow, awarding me the ability to work closely with the project’s assistant cinematographer & cameraman, Josh Butcher to shoot for the grade. We opted to use a combination of RED Digital Cinema’s Epic Dragon & Scarlet Mysterium-X camera systems. This allowed us to shoot in RAW 4K at a variety of frame rates, producing footage that was technically optimised for flexibility during post colour correction & grading. This allowed me to push the film’s cinematography & aesthetic further whilst working with a modest budget, opting to utilise a small kit of low wattage tungsten Fresnels & soft LED panel lighting for the location shoots. Figolux, an infinity cove studio equipped with Arri HMI’s & bounce boards, provided the ‘inner headspace’ set.

For the initial ingestion & colour balancing I used RED’s own DIT software, REDCINE-X PRO, applying corrections to the RAW .R3D meta files before doing the finer matching & grade in Adobe After Effects. This setup allowed me to work in tandem with the editor, developing a primary grade for the film before the picture lock was finalised.

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  • Camera / Red Epic Dragon & Red Scarlet Mysterium-X
  • Lenses / Canon CN-E Cinema Primes
  • Software / Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects & REDCINE-X PRO

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